The Lynne Clarke Band

Music is a mystery. It is the language of the soul. In 2016 the Lynne Clarke Band was formed and from the beginning they determined to harness the power of music to touch souls affect the culture for Christ.

These three musicians, by the power of the Holy Ghost, are on a mission to make disciples of all men. They individually heard and answered the Lord’s call.

Sabu Bedward

Sabu Bedward, the lead guitarist for the band is the philosopher of the group. A man of deep reflection, he often invites us to take a second look and see aspects that are not readily apparent in any given subject of discussion. He reinforces the truth of the old adage, “Still waters run deep.”

Lynne Clarke

Lynne Clarke, the lead singer and songwriter of the band, has learned how important it is to trust in the Lord. She has learned that the Lord is mighty to save and she wants the world to know it. Her lyrics are story and invitation to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Roberto Hewitt

Roberto Hewitt, a man of great faith, is the drummer for the band. Part of his mission in life is to use his great skill as a drummer as the Lord leads him. He constantly works on his craft and desires to give God the very best.

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